Thursday, November 17, 2005

ETS Day 2

Another day done. It started early with breakfast with Michael Thomson from Eerdmans. We had a problem finding a place to eat. We both asked at our hotels, and the person at the Radisson (where I am staying) said that there was only the hotel. Her words were, "It is hard to find breakfast in upscale neighborhoods." Then she printed out a list of restaurants, most of which were steakhouses, etc. We finally found a nice little deli close to Michael's hotel. Of course the time spent finding a place to eat, eating, etc. made us 15 minutes late for the opening of the book exhibit.

The problem with manning a booth alone is finding a time for lunch. Yesterday I went to lunch with Emily Varner of IVP while the plenary session was going on. Today, Eric Weiss from B-Greek gave me a tuna rollup he had left over and Zondervan (right next to me) had 4 archaeology cakes. So, I asked someone to hand me a piece over the divider. Hey, it works :)

The pictures show a much depleted booth. I sold out of Dunn & McKnight's The Historical Jesus in Recent Research by 10:00 AM. Lots of disappointed people. Don't worry, we have plenty for AAR/SBL and the book signing on Saturday at 1:30-2:30.

If you look at the top picture, you will see a blank spot on the top row to the right. The book riser is collapsing there. I actually had 2 books fall behind the display yesterday. Needless to say, the display in that area was changed to lighter books and fewer!

I have been rationing out the mugs, so that I have a fresh supply each day. I like them. If you do, then swing past the booth, either at ETS or AAR/SBL. If we have any left and you buy some books, ask for one. We also have some paper bookmarks, lots of them. Please take some!

Tomorrow I pack up and head over for AAR/SBL to do it all over again with more space, but more books, too. If you are going to AAR/SBL, stop by booth 216. I may be there, although as I look at my schedule... I really enjoy working the booth, but it is also the only time I can meet some of our vendors, so it is tough to be everywhere I want to be. And then there are the sessions I would love to go to...

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