Monday, November 14, 2005

What to take

One of the problems on a trip is what to take to read. I always want to make sure I have enough to read, but don't want to overload the suitcase. I am definitely taking the On Earth as It Is in Advertising and the latest book in The Baker History of the Church, Reform and Conflict. I also always take my small NA 27 Greek NT. I would prefer to take the Large print NA 27, but it doesn't fit as well into the suitcase. I have come to love the size of that print.

I would like to take my small BHS, but my Hebrew isn't good enough to not have a lexicon, and they are all too large. If anybody knows of a good pocket Hebrew lexicon, please let me know.

Updated 7:53: As I was walking to work (it's a beautiful morning, 32 degrees and clear, perfect for crunching leaves), I realized that I had not mentioned Holladay. I don't consider that pocket, although mine is near falling apart. It was the lexicon I used as an undergraduate, back before HALAT/HALOT was done. Sure enough, I get to work and Jim West had already e-mailed me about Holladay :)

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