Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Let's Start with Jesus

I was reading Let's Start with Jesus on the plane today. I have been reading it when I have time for the last week or so. Kinlaw develops his favorite subject, the communal love within the trinity and how it relates to human relations. He was huge on that 20 years ago when I had him in seminary. While the book is good and the stuff is interesting, I would have to say that the books he has written for Francis Asbury Press are better. You can find them here

There is one quote, though, that I have to post. On page 117 he quotes from Gabriel Marcel: "The more exclusively it is I who exist, the less do I exist; and conversely, the more I free myself from the prison of ego-centrism, the more do I exist."

OK, two quotes, on page 152, "The reality is that we will not trust God to do something for us if we do not feel the need. As we walk with him and expose ourselves to the Scriptures and to the constraints of the Holy Spirit, we begin to sense the inner division in the depths of our being that springs from an existential fear of totally trusting ourselves to his control. That fear of surrender to God, who loves us more than he loves himself, is the final evidence of our fallen sinfulness."

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